Palm presents Foleo, the “mobile companion”

Palm CEO Jeff Hawkins indicates that Foleo represents the beginning of a new set of products geared towards smartphones, not only the Palm Treo but also smartphones created by other manufacturers. Hawkins has shown the new device at the D: All Things Digital event held in Carlsbad, California.

The Foleo is not a proper computer, but is designed as a companion product to the Treo, offering users a 10-inch widescreen and full-size keyboard with a scrolling tool, connecting wirelessly to the Treo. via Bluetooth connection. Any changes made with the Foleo appear instantly on the phone.

According to Hawkins’ statements, “On certain occasions what is needed is to use a larger screen; you need to access the information from your smartphone on a big screen. “

With the Foleo you can reply to electronic correspondence, view linked documents, web pages and photos, you can edit and create Word and Excel compatible documents, view PDF files and PowerPoint presentations. Foleo can also use an external display or projector using a VGA adapter.

You can connect to Wi-Fi access points using the built-in connection capability of the product. Beyond the Wi-Fi range it is possible to connect using the network provided by the telephone connection provider through the phone’s built-in Bluetooth connection.

Hawkins has pointed out that Foleo was conceived five years ago, but that at the time his company (then Handspring, acquired by Palm in 2003), was focused on too many areas. According to his statements, “The product only made sense once smartphones began to be available.”