Panic publishes the web editor Coda

Coda is defined by its developers as the “web development in one window” application, created to solve the problem of having to work simultaneously with a text editor, an FTP client and a web browser while editing a website.

Based on the metaphor of the site, Coda automatically records the changes and publishes them automatically. It supports FTP, SFTP, FTP + SSL, and WebDAV transfer protocols, so you can upload files to a variety of servers.

The integrated text editor supports standard editing features for web pages, such as syntax coloring, line numbering, auto-completion, block editing, and international support. It also integrates Subetha Engine, so you can collaborate with other users, including those located in the same local network through Bonjour technology. It is also possible to save frequently used text snippets or to find and replace text using drag and drop operations.

Coda’s preview engine is based on Apple’s WebKit, so it offers the same visual experience that can be found in Safari. A DOM Inspector allows to see the hierarchy of elements of the website, and a JavaScript console allows to see the possible errors as well as the line numbers in which they are located. PHP is also supported.

Coda incorporates a Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) editor so that designs can be created without having to resort to external applications. Visual Mode offers the ability to test style sheets, while Text Mode offers the ability to edit style sheets from code.

With a license price of $ 99, Coda is available for a license price of $ 79. Registered Transmit 3 users can get a $ 10 discount.

The system requirements are Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Coda is a Universal binary.