Paradigm announces Valentina 2.5.3

Paradigm announces Valentina 2.5.3

Valentina ADK is the set of tools that allows incorporating database technology with most development tools, including Runtime Revolution, Adobe Director, Cocoa / Objective-C, C ++ (xCode, MS), REALbasic, the framework .net and COM. The improvements introduced by version 2.5.3 are:

  • Improved binding with the List type control in the Open Source Binding framework for REALbasic.
  • PHP 5 and PHP 4 scripting support on Mac OS X.
  • Various fixes and improvements to general usability.
  • Sorting capacity by temporary fields.

    Valentina Office Server is available starting at $ 300 for Mac OS X and Windows. Valentina ADK is available starting at $ 199; and the Valentina Developer Network version, which includes the ability to distribute the Valentina Embedded Server at no additional cost, is available starting at $ 499.