Parallels new beta supports USB 2.0

Parallels Desktop for Mac allows Intel architecture-based Macintosh users to run Windows operating system and other X86-compatible operating systems on Macs without the need to restart the computer, unlike the solution proposed by Apple through Boot Camp . In practice, the user experience is similar to running PC emulation software with Windows running simultaneously with Mac OS X, but much faster.

The new version allows the use of devices such as hard drives, printers and scanners at their maximum speed. Parallels advises that other asynchronous devices, such as Bluetooth devices and webcams, are not working, although they are working to fix this problem.

It is now also possible to record onto CD and DVD media directly into Parallels virtual machines, as well as play back any protected CD or DVD just as you can on a “real” PC.

The new beta 2 has also improved the “Coherence” mode. This mode allows Parallels to run Windows applications directly in the Finder, without the Windows window being visible. The use of the “Coherence” mode is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Support for using Boot Camp partitions from Parallels Desktop has also been improved, as well as offering full support for FAT32 and NTFS partitions.

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