PC Applications How to install DirectX on the computer? In this of teaching all our readers what they are …

PC Applications How to install DirectX on the computer? In this of teaching all our readers what they are …

In this of teaching all our readers which are the main programs that we have to take into account for the proper functioning of the computer, today the time has finally come for DirectX. It is that we have been receiving a good amount of inquiries from people who want to know how DirectX works, and why it is important to install it, among other questions.

Well, the first thing to consider in this regard is that when we talk about DirectX, we do it neither more nor less than in relation to a set of API libraries or application programming interfaces. These contents are generally part of Microsoft Windows, the famous computer operating system, and are there to run most of the multimedia functions of it.

DirectX is essential especially for running games that can be used on Windows, and on many occasions, when a title does not work on the computer, we can find the solution in DirectX. Whether we have an incorrect version of DirectX, or for some reason it has been uninstalled, we are convinced that this article will be of great use to you in the future.

But before teaching you how to install DirectX on PC, and so that you have no doubts about it, we have to point out that DirectX normally It is divided into different libraries, among which we can mention DirectSound, Direct3D, Direct2D, DirectPlay, DirectCompute and DirectInput, differentiated between them based on the functions they have, so we will need all of them at the same time.


Installing DirectX

Well, if we want to install DirectX on our computer, the first thing we have to do is enter the Microsoft web page, DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer and within it look for the Download button. Then the download of the executable dxwebsetup.exe should start directly, with the necessary instructions for all the files to reach our computer.

When we have all of them, we go to the Start of the computer, and then to Help and Support, at which time we are going to undo all the changes that we have made to the computer through a System Restore. We return to the menu, we are going to choose a task, and then we mark the box Restore my system to a previous date, selecting the one that interests us and applying on it.

When you are back to the version you had previously, once the restoration process is complete, DirectX should start working as soon as possible on your computer. Beyond that, you have to know that within the Microsoft Windows support center you will find a huge amount of information which will allow you to get help or assistance in relation to this tutorial.

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