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If you are one of those users who all the time want to be testing new alternatives in useful programs and applications for their computers and mobiles, then it is more than likely that you know a platform like Softonic. Indeed, we are talking about one of the most famous websites in the world when it comes to downloading all kinds of software, and that is why many consult us about it.

On this particular occasion, we believe it was necessary to write an article about Softonic, but not to analyze the issues that seem best known about this platform, but even to give it a twist. What we intend is specifically to teach all our readers some good alternatives to Softonic that we think could be useful to you.

Of course, before all this, we have to say that indeed, for a long time we have witnessed how Softonic has become a reference site for those who want to download all kinds of content. For this reason, we believe that it is necessary to have some other good options, alternatives to this platform, to achieve good results without having to risk too much in terms of safety.


Softonic and its best alternatives

As we said before, it is true that if we analyze the application and program download platforms, none have as many options available to users as the one mentioned here Softonic. And yet It is happening that some of your programs have serious security issues, and that is why we consider it appropriate to teach you other important alternatives.

If we use some specially developed tools such as Web of Trust, URLVoid or McAfee SiteAdvisor, which try to discover harmful elements within different programs, we will be able to realize without much difficulty that some of the Softonic programs have malicious potential, and in that case, it is interesting that you can enjoy certain alternatives.

For example, when it comes to alternatives to Softonic, we believe that one of the best that you should know is Softpedia, because although it does not have so many programs available, unlike the previous one, it is more reliable in terms of their security. About this application we must say that as the files are also usually very recent, we can be sure that they are updated to their latest versions.

Assuming that the previous option is not too pleasant for you, in any case we will always have a few more alternatives, like MajorGeeks, which is one of the best known in the segment with its 15 years of experience. And of course then there are others like FileHippo, in which case it is important to point out that it has more than 20,000 applications to download, although it is more similar to Softonic than the previous ones.