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From MiraHowTo do it we always try to bring you the best tutorials and step by step for mobile devices and computers, and on this particular occasion we did not want to stop taking into account one of the most requests in recent times. Indeed, there are many readers who have been asking us about whether it is possible to flash any ROM, and if so, how to do it specifically.

Well, the first thing we have to highlight in this regard is that we can indeed flash any ROM without many difficulties, although we will need some programs first, such as SP Flash Tool in Windows. Then, you have to know that it will be important that your Android mobile device has between 40% and 50% of available battery, since otherwise you could have problems if it is turned off during the process.

Beyond that, and before starting with all the specific aspects that we must consider, we believe it is important that you take into account in the same way as the tutorial works only with the firmware or custom ROM that comes with the scatter or scatter file. And before you get down to work, it is also important that you make a backup copy of all your data, so as not to put it at risk.

Flash ROM

Flashing a ROM

The first thing you have to do to flash any ROM is download and install the USB drivers on your smart device, being that the links are usually found on their official websites in most cases. Once you have carried out that step, you will have to extract them on your PC, and then completely turn off the device and remove the battery if possible.

Later we download the ROM file or the custom ROM that we intend to flash on our Android mobile device, and extract it on the computer, before then downloading the SP Flash Tool in Windows from this link. Once you have completed the steps above, the next steps have to do with running, first of all, the Flash_Tool.exe, where many options will appear at hand.

The tool should start to work by itself, but in addition to that, we have the possibility to press on the Downloads section, within which you have to select Scatter loading or Scatter loading. When we have done it, we place the scatter file that we said, inside the ROM folder that we had downloaded, and we click Download to begin the flashing process.

At this point, we connect the Android device to the computer via USB, pressing the volume keys up and down so that the PC detects it, appearing the green seal that completely gives the flashing process. At that time we close the SP Flash Tool, and then we will finally be able to flash our device.

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