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When we refer to audio devices, it is clear that we can talk about many really varied among them, and that is why the same solutions are not always useful for each of the segment. In this particular case, we have to specifically highlight what has to do with the driver update drivers audio, and the inconveniences that these can bring to some terminals.

In essence, just taking a tour of the market, we can realize that there are different sound cards and sound devices, but when we talk more specifically about audio devicesWe have to say that we do it about those that we can find as part of the computer itself, so it is convenient that we stop at them in a specific way.

To be clear, this time we want to talk about some audio elements among which it is necessary to fall into examples such as sound card, speaker system, DOLBY, different types of DOLBY, Surround, AC-3, PIP, 3D Sound, THX, S / PDIF. All of them are fully known, but the problem is that if one fails, the experience of hearing sounds can be seen quite damaged.

The problem is that even when we are using different contents that depend specifically on the Internet, we must be sure that these audio-related elements work well. If the classic message of “There are no audio devices installed”, then you have to know that luckily there are solutions about it to consider.

Right now, if you have suffered this discomfort at some point, you have to know that luckily there are many solutions that we can take into account, although we are going to mention the ones that we consider the most important. The interesting thing is that you do not need to be too expert or have a lot of previous knowledge, but with the minimum we can obtain good results of our to do.

Install audio output on pc

Faults and solutions to audio problems on pc

As mainly audio problems have to do with driver problems, the first thing we can recommend in this regard is that you visit the hardware manufacturer’s page to look for them. Of course, you may have to keep looking for solutions if they don’t come that way, like this whatyou must keep Windows update up to date, so you can find a solution in this section.

If you still couldn’t play audio, the following is go to Start, place inside the msc search bar and hit Enter, once we enter the Device Manager we then look for the Sound and video Drivers. We right click on it sound adapter that we have installed, and a new window will appear, in which we will give Update driver.

Typical Sound Card Problems

If you have already made sure that the sound problem of the pc is not the audio and video drivers, you should proceed to check the sound card. For this, we have compiled the typical sound card problems.

Install audio device on pc

Check the cables; Most speakers have an input and output connection, in addition to these, it has a cable that goes directly to the current. Now, you must make sure that the problem is not one of these cables.

Sound is heard only through one speaker; This problem usually occurs many times, but you should not be overwhelmed or think that your speaker has been damaged. Often times, this is usually a balance problem in the Windows audio control.

The sound card is faulty; This it can happen in the worst case or if your computer’s sound card is quite old. However, stay calm and call a computer repair expert. In the same way, If the damage is not so serious, the technician can solve it, if not, it must be replaced.

The speakers have been broken; If you hear the audio from your speakers with interference, or they are very bad, they have surely been damaged internally. To solve this problem you can contact an electronics expert or replace them with new speakers.