Periscope, security software

Periscope is designed to work in combination with iSight and other webcams, making it easy to capture activity in front of that device and then save the image to disk. The software can capture an image every time the camera detects movement or the microphone captures noise, for example, thus making the Periscope usable as a home security system.

You can also capture the images at regular time intervals, associated with the execution of an AppleScript script or when an event is executed from a remote control. The capture date can also be added to the image, as well as logos and text labels.

Periscope also allows you to upload your images to .Mac and works with Flickr, email clients, FTP, iPhoto or you can save them to a folder on your local drive.

Periscope requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later and works with internal and external iSights as well as various third-party USB or FireWire webcams. (Mac OS X 10.4.9 adds improved support for third-party cameras). Periscope is Universal binary.