Peter Gabriel’s music recommendation system comes to the Mac

The companion software for Peter Gabriel’s music recommendation system, The Filter, will be available for the Mac platform on March 19. Initially released as a beta revision for PC / Win XP in 2006, The Filter is a complementary service for iTunes users. The initial beta was well received upon launch.

The Filter is a free, software-based music recommendation service that explores your music library to provide music recommendations and related playlists. The software incorporates the ability to create playlists from existing music in the local iTunes library, all based on a previous selection of a few songs.

The service can create playlists appropriate to the current mood or activity, and these playlists can be synced to the iPod. The Filter is also capable of making precise recommendations based on one’s musical preferences.

Using artificial intelligence, the system analyzes your musical tastes and crosses them with those of other users and musical trends. This means that the system becomes more accurate the more it is used. The Filter has been developed by Exabre, pioneers of recommendation software for the world of digital music.

Filter for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.4, with 512 MB of RAM and a G4 or better processor.