Photoshop CS 3 emerges from the shadows

The next version of Photoshop will offer greatly improved performance on both Intel processor-based and PowerPC architecture-based computers.

Adobe Photoshop CS 3 will offer native support for Intel processor-based Macintoshs for the first time, as well as a revamped and improved user interface.

As published on the rumor site Think Secret, it will include organizational improvements for the palettes, in which they will now be able to be resized, can be moved and will be more flexible in general for users who need more space on the desktop to display the image and not the graphical interface.

As noted on the site, citing “sources”, it also seems that filters have been improved and their performance will now be much faster.

The new version will also incorporate video, 3-D, a device library (allowing image editors to see how their designs will look on any mobile device), and a new analysis menu for the first time.