Phrases Random Quotes, find your inspirational phrase Famous phrases or quotes have always been very popular, but …

Phrases Random Quotes, find your inspirational phrase Famous phrases or quotes have always been very popular, but …

Famous phrases or quotes have always been very popular, but without a doubt in recent years it has been social networks that have most influenced these types of phrases to be disseminated. Today it is difficult to enter a social network like Facebook for example and not see some inspirational phrase. If you are always looking for the most appropriate phrase or quote, your application in Random Dating.

Sometimes finding motivation for all the tasks we have in our day to day is not easy. Overwork, bad weather, stress, the fact that it is Monday and many other factors, can negatively affect our mood, which in turn affects our productivity.

The goal of famous phrases or quotes is to increase motivation levels. Is about short sentences containing little pearls of wisdom that help us when it comes to finding that extra motivation that we need to perform adequately.


What is Random Dating?

Random Dating is a application specialized in famous phrases. The application shows us random appointments on the device screen, although it also allows us to search by subject, by author and even by words.

Includes Quotes From: Phil Crosby, Tom Cruise, Marie Curie, Jimmy Dean, Tom DeMarco, W. Edwards Deming, Max de Pree, Peter de Vries, Charles Dickens, Edsger W. Dijkstra, Benjamin Disraeli, Novak Djokovic, Frederick Douglass, Arthur Conan Doyle, Peter Drucker, Wayer and Bob Edwards among others. Also, by clicking on the name of the author of the famous quote, the application automatically redirects us to Wikipedia so we can know more about that person.

The application contains famous quotes related to many fields. The available categories are art, economics, education, engineering, family, friendship, humor, inspiration, love, leadership, philosophy, psychology, religion, science, software, sport and success.

One of the great differences of this application compared to others of this type is that allows us to customize the way we view the famous quote to adapt it to our tastes and also allows us to directly share the appointment we want through instant messaging systems or social networks.

Download Random Dating

This app can be download from the Google Play Store. For the app to work properly, the smartphone or tablet must have Android operating system 4.1 or later version and 5.1 MB of free space on the device.

The download of the application is free, but within it we can acquire Items priced between € 0.50 and € 2.14.

This application has a rating of 4.4 stars in the Google Play Store out of a total of 5.


Using Random Dating

Once we have downloaded Random Quotes on our device, we will have in the palm of our hand a useful motivational tool that we can turn to at any time and situation.

The app has a nice interface and very simple to use. To go from one famous quote to another, all you have to do is slide your finger across the screen. We also have the option of configure the application to function as a screensaver and show us a new inspirational phrase every minute. We can also make use of your Widget, which will show us on the phone or tablet screen a new inspirational phrase every hour.

By default the app nshows you the phrases randomly, but if we are looking for inspiration for a certain question we can do a custom search to help us find that appointment we need.

We can review all the phrases of each of the authors or go directly to the category that interests us to review all the available phrases.

If we are looking for something much more specific, but we are not sure in which part of the application we can find it, we can use the search by words that the app has. We enter the word that interests us and Random Quotes will show us all the phrases that contain the word or words that we have entered.

By default, the phrases appear in black type printed on a yellow background. As already mentioned, one of the big differences between this app and others of this type is that it offers us wide customization possibilities.

Background image can be changed, as well as the source of the appointment. Other customization options are possibility to change the font and font size and display the sentences in italics or bold.

One of the peculiarities of Random Dating is that it has a specific design for tablets. If we are using a screen larger than that of a mobile phone, it is logical that we can get more out of the application. In this case, the app offers two modes of operation, the authors mode and themes mode.

Once we have chosen if we want the topic mode or the authors mode, we will see the names of the authors or the names of the topics on the left of the screen in a small column through which we can scroll vertically. Famous quotes are displayed on the right of the screen, in a larger format, and scrolling from one to another is done horizontally.

Inspirational phrases are ideal for sharing, which is why this app has made the process of sharing phrases with other people as easy as possible through social networks or instant messaging systems. In this case what is shared is the image of the famous appointment as the user has configured it according to their personal tastes. In just a few seconds and without having to leave the application, you can share with others that inspiring phrase that we liked and that we believe may be useful to other people.