Pinnacle announces three USB TV tuners

Named Pinnacle TV for Mac Stick, the tuners use USB 2.0 connections to enable high-quality video streaming. These devices also take bus power so that no external power is required.

The three available versions of the tuners are: Pinnacle TV for Mac DVB-T Stick, which allows European users to watch, record and freeze their digital television and radio programs; Pinnacle TV for Mac Hybrid Stick, which provides the same functionality as the previous one by adding analog television reception, while also acting as a video capture device; and the Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Stick, providing US users with access to ATSC HDTV from their Macs, in addition to standard analog television support.

All devices work with Elgato’s EyeTV lite software, through which recordings can be saved in MPEG-2 format. The A / V adapter cable also allows users to import video from external sources, such as video cameras.

Pinnacle TV for Mac Stick is priced at $ 129.