Pokémon GO How to Avoid Closing the Pokémon Go Application Pokémon Go is one of the games of the year, and this …

Pokémon Go is one of the games of the year, and this is already undoubted for all of us who have experienced the fury of this title, considering not only how attractive it can be for us, but also how many commercial or urban centers have been crowded with people looking for creatures. In any case, the truth is that we have recently analyzed the Pokémon Go requirements to show you whether or not you can install it on your smartphone, and if so, there are other issues that you have to analyze.

The first thing to highlight within this segment has to do directly with the fact that since the launch of Pokémon Go, even talking about early beta versions, some of the users were complaining about the game crashing suddenly, for no apparent reason. Indeed, we have to say in this sense that there is no doubt that if Pokémon Go is closed when we are playing, the experience instead of entertaining becomes annoying, and that is why we will want to do everything possible to prevent it from happening.


Solution to Pokémon Go closes

Of course, If you also have the problem that Pokémon Go closes, you have to know that there are solutions why we can bet if we pretend that this does not happen anymore, although first you have to know the reasons why this application closes out of nowhere. One of the causes of the unexpected closure of Pokémon Go has to do with the application’s servers collapsing, and that happens because there are millions of people playing, although in the same way we must say that it has been worked on, and this has been happening less and less often.

Of course, We reiterate how important it is that you have made sure that your mobile meets the requirements of Pokémon Go over and over again, because otherwise the application closing could be due to that. In turn, if you have problems with the operation of Pokémon Go, regardless of whether it closes or not, you have to know that the application may stop specifically because there is no Internet signal. So if you use mobile data, you have to be connected via 4G LTE, since 3G might not be enough for Pokémon Go.

In the same way, Although you should realize it from the message about it that usually appears in these cases, you have to know that Pokémon Go can stop due to little storage space available, so you should make sure that there is always ROM available to play it. Even though it is true that Pokémon Go weighs much less than that at the time of installation, we advise to always have approximately 1 GB free space on the device so that it works the same smoothly.

Assuming that the issues of Pokémon Go closing or Pokémon Go freezing remain despite the items reviewed above, you have to know that there is a solution that is somehow complementary to the previous ones, which consists of uninstalling and reinstalling the application. In this sense, we must say that it is possible to delete Pokémon Go and reinstall it, so we will always ensure that the latest version is installed, so just try it if you continue to have problems.

Have you been able to avoid your Pokémon Go problems with this step by step?