Pokémon GO Pokémon Go for Android: Your Dream Made an AdventureIf you had a good childhood it is sure that you have dreamed of …

If you had a good childhood, it is sure that you have dreamed of capturing your own Pokémon. This may already be a reality, because Nintendo has brought us Pokemon go for android, making our great dream a reality.

Pokemon go 1

Since its launch, this game has caught the world’s attention, reaching more than 100 million downloads in a very short time. This is something that very few games have achieved, especially under the platform of Android.

But how is it possible that we can catch pokemon?

Very simple, this is thanks to the new technology of augmented reality. This new technology has already begun to be integrated into the world of video games. Nintendo has turned our Smartphone into more than a console, into a kind of door to the pokémon world.

Pokemon go 2

To play Pokémon Go for Android It is very simple. Just open the application, activate the GPS, leave our house and walk down the street until a pokémon appears on the map. When this happens we press on the pokémon and the camera will be activated, you will be able to see the creature in the street through the phone and with a good aim you can catch it by throwing a poké ball.

How to get Pokémon Go for Android?

Pokemon go It is possible to download it for our Smartphone with operating system Android through the Store of Google play. It is not available in all countries but progressively it will be possible to download it all over the world.

There are not many requirements to download the game. It is enough to verify that the available space on the phone is at least 61 MB and that the version of the operating system is Android KitKat (4.4) or higher.

Downloading this application can be summarized in 3 simple steps:

  1. We open the Play Store app or download it through this link.
  2. We wrote Pokemon go.
  3. We select install and wait for the download to complete and install automatically.
  4. Once the application is installed, we select open and that’s it, to capture pokemons!

Install Pokémon Go for Android it is as simple as this. So now you can catch pokemon in real life and have fun being the best pokemon trainer.

Pokemon go 1

Recommendations for playing Pokémon Go:

Well, we already installed Pokémon Go for Android, we have the GPS activated, the application open and the battery at 100%. But this does not mean that we go out to capture pokemon just like that.

We must be aware that once we leave home to play Pokémon Go, we must always have the phone in hand to be able to locate and capture these creatures. This represents a risk, especially in countries where thefts are quite frequent. So if your location is not very safe, you should be careful before focusing only on the pokémon world.

Another point that you can take into account is that this is an application that can quickly drain your battery. So if you have a portable charger it would be convenient to take it with you so as not to interrupt your adventure in the Pokémon world.

Pokemon go 3

Taking all this into account and Pokémon Go for Android open on your Smartphone, you’re ready to go for all the pokemon you can!