Pokémon GO Pokémon Go Has Stopped: Simple Tips to Fix It Pokémon Go is one of the few games that has …

Pokemon go is one of the few games that have become popular on the platform Android in a very short time. This is because it allows the user to live their own Pokémon adventure by capturing them in real life through the new technology of augmented reality. However, some people may be frustrated due to the application displaying an error announcing that Pokémon Go has stopped.

Pokémon Go has stopped3

If this has happened to you, do not worry, you will see how easy it is to solve this problem. You just have to be very patient and follow the instructions very well. You will see that it is not complicated nor do you need to do a master’s degree to continue playing Pokemon go.

Pokémon Go has stopped, now what do I do?

Like all applications, Pokemon go it may have its flaws, but these are not that serious. It often happens due to an overload of the servers or that the game could have been closed incorrectly on our device with Android. As well as the error “Pokémon Go has stopped “, it is also possible that it appears with any other application. So here you will learn to solve this problem in a “generic” way.

Pokémon Go has stopped2

Let’s look at some methods to remove the message “Pokémon Go has stopped “:

Update Pokémon Go:

This error may be displayed because there is already a new version of Pokemon go available on Google Play. When the version of the application does not match that of the server, this type of problem is frequent. So to remove this error, just go to the Google Play Store and update Pokémon Go.

How I do this?

Doing this is very simple. You just go to Google Play, you search Pokemon go and press update, wait for the update to install and start the game. Once you’ve done this, the error should be gone “Pokémon Go has stopped“.

It is also possible to update Pokemon go through the following link.

Pokémon Go has stopped1

Clear data and Empty cache of Pokémon Go:

Do you still have this annoying problem? So maybe it was not a very old version of the application, but a problem with the game data. The following method is very simple and will help you a lot with applications that cause you this type of annoyance:

  1. First we go to Settings / Applications / All applications.
  2. We are looking for Pokémon Go.
  3. We click on Pokémon Go to enter its configuration.
  4. And then we touch on Delete data Y Clear cache.
  5. Finally, you restart Android.

Well you shouldn’t get the message anymore “Pokémon Go has stopped.” So now you can play quietly and capture all the Pokémon that you come across.

Pokémon Go has stopped4

Clear the system cache:

If none of the above methods work for you and at the same time you have the same problem with several applications in addition to Pokémon Go. So the problem may be in the operating system Android. Don’t worry, maybe it’s a system update or you made some change that causes conflicts with the applications.

To solve this problem, simply clear the system cache. For this, you must turn on the device in Recovery mode, look for the option Wipe Cache or Wipe Cache Partition and select it. Once it is done you restart the device.

To enter the Recovery mode just press the power button and volume +. However, this can vary between brands and models, so it is advisable to Google how to do it according to your device.

Pokémon Go has stopped5

With this you must have resolved the conflict, you can play quietly without receiving the message “Pokémon Go has stopped.”