Pokem√≥n GO Solution to the Problem of Linking with Pok√©mon Go Plus Due to the Incorrect Access Code or PIN Pok√©mon … oh God Pok√©mon that you catch us in this vice that …

Pok√©mon … oh Pok√©mon God, you catch us in this vice that is impossible to abandon. The truth is that there are already many users who have abandoned the game despite the fact that we were all going crazy because we wanted to catch them all. Perhaps the lack of news meant that little by little we were losing interest in continuing to play but let’s not fear guys that we are already receiving different news.


And one of those was without a doubt Pok√©mon Go Plus, in this case an accessory that many of us look forward to in order to connect it to our mobile device. Now the problem is for those who have trouble doing it, we come to help you so you can solve it because that’s how good we are.

Pin error when we try to connect Pokémon Go Plus to the mobile

We have to take a little gasoline and then with a lighter … not to ignore me, we go first step by step. The idea is that before you start doing thousands of laps looking at possible problems first let’s see if we really have everything to connect the mobile to Pok√©mon Go Plus.

We know that it would be something basic and if you are 100% sure that for example you have Bluetooth activated and the game is running then we move on to the following. You have to have the bracelet turned on obviously because I doubt that when it is turned off it will give you any kind of results, now we go to the game, to the Settings part and in Pokemon Go Plus.

In case some horrible message appears that will not let you sleep and you will not even be able to eat, a message that will force you to drown in liters of alcohol, wait a second we will show you below how to solve the problem.

2. 3

Fixing the connection problem with Pokémon Go Plus

First of all you will have to disable bluetooth on your mobile phoneOnce this is done we will have to press the button on the Go Plus until the light disappears, now what we are going to do is press the button again until the light freezes. Once it is like this, release the button to press it again until the bracelet vibrates, as you will see it is a matter of giving it a few pampering to leave it where we want.

Now what you gonna do it is simply going to the mobile to activate the bluetooth again and then you will have to turn on the Go Plus and synchronize it as in theory we should.

In the magical and mysterious case that does not work, the option of gasoline with the lighter seems to me that it still stands, right? We go that in case it had not worked for you, it means that the mobile is not compatible simply and perhaps the only thing that We still have to do is wait for an update from Niantic.