Pokemon What are the strongest Pokemon according to their type? There are a lot of types of Pokemon as well as …

There are a large number of types of Pokémon as well as there are many of these, but obviously not all of them are great, powerful and effective in combat, although each one will have their own strategy and thanks to this they can take advantage of Pokémon that one thinks they are not. too good, that will depend on how each one plays in Pokémon Go.

Below you will be able to see then, a list of which are the strongest Pokémon according to their type, it is a fairly extensive list.


Best Pokémon according to type

Steel: The strongest of this type is Magneton and if we are to do this it is a fairly common Pokémon.

Water: One of the most powerful that is widely used is Gyarados, the evolution of poor Magikarp, however, another one that is worth mentioning is Lapras.

Bug: Of all the ones there is the best one is Pinsir, although it must be borne in mind that the bug type in itself are not too powerful.

Dragon: For me the best type by far and one of my favorites, too bad that for now in Pokémon Go there are only the first generation ones, so the best of this type is undoubtedly Dragonite, in addition to being quite powerful in general terms .

Electric: Of the famous three “dogs” Jolteon is the best in terms of electric, although personally I quite like Electabuzz, I always liked having this Pokémon in my team.

Fire: Without a doubt for me the best of all is Charizard, but it is more than anything because I like it a lot, although they say that Arcanine is much more effective.

Ghost: There are not too many options in this section either, so we chose Gengar.

Fight: Machamp definitely, very good at defining a fight in a few words.

Fairy: Mr. Mine is one of the best of this guy, although honestly I would never include him in my team.

Ice: Obviously in this class the best of Lapras, I wish there were some legendary or someone from another generation.

Normal: Here Snorlax wins and after all is one of the best Pokémon that can be chosen to leave in a gym.

Psychic: For me and again it’s something personal, the one I like the most about this guy is Alakazan, in fact, he’s always on my team.

rock: Onyx is undoubtedly one of the most efficient, besides that within all it is not too difficult to catch it.

Earth: In this type of Pokémon I think the best of all is Nidoking, although honestly I don’t like it at all.

Poison: One of the initials is great to be on the throne of this “guy” and that is Venusaur.

Flying: We come to the last type of Pokémon and here in a few words we repeat the formula because I think the best is Charizard, honestly it is the one I like the most, although we cannot deny that Dragonite is not bad at all.