Predictions for Macworld Expo 2007

New iPods: quite likely. The last revision took place in September, however the news was not of great significance. Our bet: slightly larger screen (3 inches diagonal), better video output, better graphics capabilities and more capacity with the same size.

New Macs: Very likely. The iMac and Mac mini have not had a major overhaul for quite some time. On the other hand, the surprise could come and that a Mac Pro with the new quad-core chips from Intel is already announced.

New ultra-slim notebook: unlikely. At the moment Apple has a very good response with the MacBook and it does not seem that there is a great demand for much smaller laptops. Typically, these types of “subnotebooks” are more expensive than usual and offer limited features. The same is true for tablet or origami type computers.

IPod phone: heavily rumored, though unlikely to be announced next week. It would be a very big surprise because it means that Apple is entering a completely new market. In any case, doing so (getting into mobile telephony) has a good chance of success. No mobile manufacturer has the ability to develop Apple software and by combining the capabilities of the iPod, iTunes and a phone, you could have an irresistible product.

Our prediction is that January’s Macworld Expo is too early, but before mid-year Apple could launch its phone.

iTV: Apple almost certainly announces the final product. However, it’s unclear from rumor websites that Apple has it ready to go.

New displays with built-in iSight: quite likely. Apple no longer sells the iSight camera, so those who have Mac Pro or Mac mini are left without being able to use it, something that does not make much sense. It is expected that in the range of displays there will be one with a more affordable price to complement the Mac mini.


New version of iWork: quite likely. It is expected to include a spreadsheet tool, which would bring the package closer to the old Apple Works package or even Microsoft’s Office.

New version of iLife: quite likely. The current version is now exactly one year old, and Apple has an update cycle on iLife of about a year. (Ilife 06 was announced at Macworld Expo 2006, ilife 05 at Macworld Expo 2005, and iLife 04 was announced at Macworld 2004). Thus, if Apple continues with the same trend, it should announce iLife 07.

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