PSLV-C43 releases LIVE updates: Rocket has descended to 500 kilometers, …

PSLV-C43 release the latest updates: ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) has successfully launched all 31 satellites on the PSLV-C43 mission at their respective locations in orbit.

The launch took place as scheduled at 9.57am IST today.

The PSLV launcher on the first launch pad in Sriharikota. Image courtesy of ISRO.

HySIS is an Earth observation satellite that can provide imaging capabilities for a variety of purposes, including agriculture, forestry, and the assessment of geological conditions in coastal areas, inland waterways, and land.

The satellite carried two payloads: one that can capture images in the visible near-infrared (VNIR) range of the light spectrum, and another in the short-wave infrared (SWIR) range.

In a 112-minute mission, PSLV-C43 took off from its Sriharikota launch pad, launched ISRO’s HySIS (Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite) at an altitude of 640 kilometers, and then descended to release the other 30 satellites at 504 kilometers. kilometers in two separate groups.

A live broadcast of the launch began at 9.30am IST here On the ISRO website or at DD National.