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Do you like to play the lottery and want to check Primitiva without having to go to the nearest computer or consult your agency? Then you should know that fortunately there are some applications specially developed so that we have access to this type of information, so that we can know and check Primitiva from the mobile, be it Android or iOS, quickly and easily.


Check Primitiva from your phone with these apps

Check Primitiva on Android

If what we want is to be able to check Primitiva on Android, then we have to know that there are several applications for it, although we in particular are going to recommend one, in this case LotoCheck Lotteries. It is one of the best-achieved lottery apps for Android, one that has all the information about the new ones, to check Primitiva from your smartphone.

Some of the main functions of LotoCheck Lotteries have to do with the verification of all the prizes of our bets, in addition to being able to consult the jackpots and the results of each of the draws. It also allows you to scan the national lottery tickets, Christmas and Child draws and ONCE coupons, manage your usual or favorite numbers to consult us specifically.

At the same time, we can establish saved bets, so that we can consult them all at once, with a single click. And of course, it has additional information related to other games such as Euromillions, National Lottery, Primitiva, Gordo, Bonoloto, Quinielas, Quinigol, Lototurf, Quintuple plus, Cuponazo, Eurojackpot, ONCE and Loteria de Catalunya, so you can follow yours in particular.

Check Primitiva on iPhone

If what you want is to check Primitiva on iOS because you have an iPhone or an iPad, you don’t have to get bad either, since we have an application that has been specially developed with these users in mind. ScanLoterĂ­a is the application to check the lottery on iPhone, and as with the previous one for Android, we are going to teach you all the features that you should know about it.

Among the main functions of ScanLoterĂ­a are some such as scanning the tickets of the main games, among which is the National Lottery, Euromillions, La Primitiva + Joker, La Bonoloto and El Gordo de la Primitiva. To that we have to add the possibility of making single and multiple bets, receiving automatic notifications when the draw that interests you is held, etc.

At the same time, while noting that ScanLoterĂ­as allows us to scan and calculate prizes of dozens of tickets in seconds, we wanted to emphasize the fact that unlike traditional lottery scanners, with this application We do not have to wait for all the draws to take place, but we can scan after the purchase in the administration.

Download LotoCheck Lotteries for Android

Download ScanLoterĂ­a for iOS