Router tutorials This is how simple it can be to decrypt WiFi keys TP-LinkOne of the most accessible router and modem brands around …

One of the most accessible router and modem brands around the world and therefore, the most used are Tp link. Surely on some occasion you have used or currently use, even if you heard about that brand in question.

The point is that they work quite well for the general public, plus as I said they are extremely accessible having several models to choose from at the price and situation that best suits you in order to have a better connection in your home.


Decrypt TP-Link keys

Whether you are somewhere where you do not have a data connection and you see that there is a WiFi connection in the place or perhaps because you forgot your own password Wifi, then we will teach you in a few words how to decrypt that blessed password that is preventing you from connecting to that WiFi that can end up saving you this moment.

Your own TP-Link

In case you have forgotten the password, the form of power find access data It is not too complicated because if you look at the bottom of the product, that is, under your router you will find some very interesting data where it says for example “Wireless Password / PIN” that’s where the default password assigned to this router is. Let us bear in mind that if you have modified this password, this information will obviously not end up being useful at all.

Hack Wifi password TP-Link


What you should do in the event that what I mentioned above happens to you is to search among the router buttons one that says WPS which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Ideal to connect without the need for a password or as would be our case because we forget it.

We also have another option which is: first of all go to start, then type CMD, hit enter and then write ipconfig. Here we meet one that says “Default Gateway” generally it is or , you must type this URL in your browser. For example in Chrome.

Now the data that it is going to ask you are username and password. Generally both are Admin in case you did not modify anything before (all with lower case)

Next what we have to do is go where it says Wireless and then on Wireless Security.

In this quite simple way we can obtain the password of our router to be able to enter it without complicating our existence too much decrypting keys nor using applications or APKs that in theory are used to hack those passwords but that can take days and do not get results.