Roxio Introduces Toast 8 Titanium

With the arrival of Blu-Ray drives by Sony and other manufacturers, Toast 8 Titanium offers in this new version support for recording on these media. Blu-Ray discs offer a high capacity, with a maximum of 25 GB for single layer discs and 50 GB for double layer discs.

Toast 8’s Dynamic Writing feature allows you to use a Blu-Ray disc as if it were a conventional hard drive; the icon appears on the desktop allowing content to be dragged to and from the disc without having to write or burn it each time.

Roxio has also polished the Toast 8 Titanium user interface to make it even easier to use the product, additionally including a new Toast Photo Disc feature that enables high resolution image recording, as well as an autostart slideshow mode that works both on Mac OS X as on Windows. Toast includes tools for drawing and editing text, as well as a library of 600 clip art and Google image searches (for example to create covers). It also supports LightScribe, a technology used by some recorders and that allows designs or texts to be printed on the upper side of compatible optical discs.

Audio enhancements

For users using audio, Toast 8 Titanium supports DJ-style cross-dissolving, as well as incorporating volume normalization tools, sound enhancement plug-ins, track trimming, and other features previously only available on the console. Roxio Jam software. Music DVDs created with Toast can include on-screen menus, shuffle play, and incorporate Dolby Digital sound.

Conversion and recovery tools

Toast 8 Titanium includes tools that allow you to recover information from optical discs that are damaged and cannot be read correctly by the Mac OS X Finder. You can recover some files from these discs to copy them to your hard drive and then create a “clean” copy. .

Toast 8 Titanium’s “Fit-to-DVD” compression can also be used to fit the contents of a double-layer DVD with a capacity of 9 GB on a single-layer disc with a capacity of 4.7 GB. You can customize the content of these discs with a “Director’s Cut” using only the specified video, audio and languages, or specific video files.

Data cataloging

Toast 8 Titanium now allows you to create an offline catalog of any of your burned discs, so that you can keep track of what has been copied to each CD or DVD. The software offers an instant search feature that allows you to later find the recorded materials on each disc. It also allows you to index previously recorded discs as well as commercial discs, such as audio CDs.

Toast 8 Titanium also incorporates the ability to segment data; thus, you can create backup copies of any amount of data even if it exceeds the storage capacity of the inserted media, as can happen with an iMovie project, DV files, or otherwise. This feature maintains the original file and folder structure, and each disc includes an executable restore utility that works on Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, so that Toast does not need to be installed to recover data or the specific files you want.

Toast 8 Titanium requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 or higher, and a PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5 or Intel processor-based Macintosh. The license price is $ 99.