Rumor: Apple could release an iPhone with iChat support

Rumor: Apple could release an iPhone with iChat support

Apple’s rumored iPhone has raised even more buzz after it has been said that manufacturer Broadcom will be the supplier of the chips for the new iPod phone.

Meanwhile, a second report indicates that Apple could be working on a second model of the so-called iPhone, and that in this case it would incorporate support for iChat.

Predictions for such devices are so strong on Wall Street that they have led to a 6 per cent rise in Broadcom shares, although the warm reception after the launch of the Nintendo Wii (which also featured) will also have helped. They use Broadcom chips).

According to American Technology Research analyst Shaw Yu, “From a technical point of view, we think the phone is practically finished. […] and we believe it is beyond the realm of speculation. “

Wu has also been responsible for launching the second rumor, when he said that Apple is building a second phone with support for instant messaging through iChat, although he warned that said product could still be in “development phase”.