Samsung Differences between an original Samsung mobile and a copy Samsung is probably the company of mobile devices with an operating system …

Samsung Differences between an original Samsung mobile and a copy Samsung is probably the company of mobile devices with an operating system …

Samsung is probably the mobile device company with the Android operating system that has managed to market the most terminals around the world in recent years, and of course, that causes users of these devices to have all kinds of doubts about them. The first thing we have to mention in this regard is that several of our Readers seem to be especially interested in the possibility of having tools like to differentiate the original Samsung equipment from the copies.

The first thing we have to consider in these cases is that within the extensive catalog of mobile devices signed by Samsung that we have seen in recent times, the possibility of meeting his main family, that of the Galaxy S, stands out especially. point out, in the same terms, that many criminals have generated copies of these terminals, copies that are actually very similar to the original smartphones, confusing potential buyers.

In general terms, if you find yourself in that complicated situation of wanting to differentiate an original Samsung from a copy of these terminals, you have to know that there are differences that are notorious but we must be very precise when analyzing the devices so as not to fall into errors no problems. In any case, you have to think that there are details of all kinds, that More than anything when it comes to copies of high-end devices, they are very obvious, so you have to pay attention to them especially.

Differences of fake Samsung with the original

Although in general terms we can say that the external appearance of the original Samsung and the fake ones is quite similar, at the same time we must consider that if we remove the back cover it will be very easy to realize which is the original device, and which is nothing more than a copy of it. Then, we are going to mention some of what we consider the main differences between both devices. You will see that paying attention to some of them is not difficult to distinguish between them.

The first thing you have to consider in these cases, starting with the replicas of the Samsung Galaxy, is that you can distinguish them without too many problems by analyzing their characteristics. The general impression is that its characteristics are inferior to those of the real version of the same equipment. Most of the time, these replicas include Mediatek (MTK) processors, processors that tend to be especially common in Chinese terminals. Samsung works with Qualcomm’s or its own Exynos, so if you see that it has MediaTek processors, you can be sure that it is a copy from any Samsung Galaxy. Even the CPU-Z application has been specially developed so that you can become aware of its hardware performance. This link is downloaded.

Continuing with more details about it, the battery also offers us some interesting ones. If you want to know if a Samsung cell phone is Korean or original, you have to see if it says Assembled in China / Assembled in China, and if instead of China it mentions another country like Japan, it is probably an imitation. At the same time, and of course, the quality of the building materials is also essential in these cases. Usually, when we think about the copies, we may realize that the back covers and shells are of very poor quality, as well as the edges of the devices, so you have to pay special attention to these details.

Of course, we know that although this article is unique, it can answer all kinds of questions from users, and if you experience some of the following problems, it is possible that your Samsung Galaxy is a copy and not an original mobile, so better than go over all the problems: Samsung Galaxy won’t connect to WiFi, Samsung Galaxy downloads fast, Samsung Galaxy screen turns off, Samsung Galaxy won’t download videos, Samsung Galaxy takes bad photos.

Have you been able to check if your Samsung Galaxy is original with this step by step?