Samsung Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Dock For years now, smartphones have been transformed into devices …

For years now, smartphones have become such indispensable devices that they are practically with us throughout the dayMany of the world’s leading companies make all kinds of related products so that we can take advantage of them even more. On many occasions, these products are not used by everyone, and that generates many doubts about it, as it happens in this article that we wanted to dedicate directly to the docks.

Well, the truth is that we made this article from the queries of some of our readers, who have been asking us about a curious message that appears on their smartphones, saying something like “The Dock is connected”, and of which many do not know its meaning. We have to mention in this sense that there are several reasons for this message to appear, although at the end of the day, below we are going to teach you absolutely all the elements that you should know.

At the same time, you have to know that it is better to ensure that the classic message we are talking about does not appear, to the extent that when it does, we may experience some problems related to the operation of the charging system of our smartphone. This is why we say that if the message “The Dock is connected” also appears to you, take the trouble to follow these lines, to put aside all the potential problems that could appear.

Dock is plugged into Samsung

Well, after everything mentioned so far, we have to say that what we are going to teach you is important for most Samsung mobile devices, since the message can appear in most of these terminals, and the problems that it entails they are the same. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6 including the S6 edge and S6 Edge + models or finally a Samsung Galaxy S7Also on S7 Edge models, it is best to keep reading.

As we said, it is likely that for any of these terminals the classic message that the dock is connected has appeared at some point, and it is possible that many of our readers, users of these devices, have no idea what it is. refers. Well, we have to point out in this regard that generally the message appears when we connect the equipment to the charger. But there are times when it may be a warning, for example that the charging port is dirty, or that it is not making contact as it should.

This problem of the activated dock in reference to our smartphone can happen to any terminal, and the truth is that although we are going to teach you the solution for Samsung equipment, you have to know that in others you have to follow more or less the same steps, like this you better do the test. Before carrying out the following steps, you should consider that it is very possible that the charging port of the cell phone is dirty or with debris, and in that case you can solve all the problem without many problems.

The first thing you are going to do in these cases is remove the battery from your smartphone, although not in all cases it can be removed, so you have to consider that point. Once you’ve done that, look for a new or used toothbrush that doesn’t have too stiff bristles to avoid causing damage. We slowly put the bristles in the charging port of the mobile device, removing all the residue it has, blowing and passing the brush several times. When we finish we must turn on the computer again, which should no longer cause problems or send the happy message that the dock is connected or something similar.

Has the message that the dock is connected on your Samsung mobile disappeared?