Samsung Galaxy A Activate 4G in Samsung A7 2020The best way to surf the Internet using your mobile when …

Samsung Galaxy A Activate 4G in Samsung A7 2020The best way to surf the Internet using your mobile when …

The best way to surf the Internet using the mobile when we do not have Wifi is undoubtedly making use of 4G, behind is the time when we all had 3G. Now him 4G is extremely fast And if we are to the case on many occasions we may even get faster speeds than using Wifi. The 4G plans They are also still very cheap and the price is very similar to a 3G so it is totally worth making the change, although it is clear that we need a mobile like the Samsung A7 that is compatible with this technology.

In addition to the fact that in many cases it is not activated by default, even though you have a 4G data plan, you have to go to the configuration options and activate it in case, as I said, have a mobile compatible with 4G.

4G on Samsung A7

To activate 4G we will have to go to Settings> Mobile networks> Network mode, here you have to select LTE / WCDMA / GSM which basically means that you will be in automatic mode, when it does not find a 4G signal it will change to 3G and so on, obviously having priority 4G LTE.

After making the changes, we recommend that you restart the mobile phone so that you do not have problems finding 4G antennas or the device gets stuck.

As you will see it is a trick for Samsung A7 2020 very simple to do so that you can get the most out of your 4G plan since with this speed you can really watch online videos in HD quality, listen to music on Spotify, among other things much more interesting.

It is clear that a compatible device is needed, some of the last ones that have come on the market to be able to use this technology, since otherwise when you want to configure 4G LTE it will not allow you to do so, since it does not appear in the configuration options network.

Tricks Samsung A7

¿What experiences have you had so far with 4G? Is it better than 3G? Did you have signal problems with 4G? Tell us about your experience using 4G on your Samsung A7 2020 in the comments below, in the same way if you have any problem configuring the phone and changing the network mode, also leave a comment and we can hardly try to help. to solve the problem in question.