Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Format Samsung Grand PrimeWe store so much data and files on our mobile devices …

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Format Samsung Grand PrimeWe store so much data and files on our mobile devices …

We store so much data and files on our mobile devices that sometimes, no matter how hard we try to clean them, we do not get the desired results and a rebellious file always ends up appearing that we thought we had deleted, but no. To avoid this type of problem we are going to see several ways to format Samsung Grand Prime.

Format Samsung Grand Prime with the normal method

There are several ways to format mobile devices, if we want to restore the factory parameters of our Samsung Grand Prime what we have to do is go to the section Settings Of the device.

There we will find the option of make a backup, which is highly recommended before backup.

The next step is to click on Factory data reset and the mobile will begin the formatting process. A message will appear warning that all data will be erased.

Format Samsung Grand Prime

Format Samsung Grand Prime via recovery method

In addition to the option of the phone itself to format it, another way to do a hard reset is through the recovery mode.

In this case the first thing we have to do is turn off the device and then we press simultaneously the volume up, Home and power button. By pressing them for a few seconds, the Samsung logo will appear, at which point we have to stop pressing the buttons.

Through the volume buttons we move through the menu that appears until we reach the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option. With the Start button we select this option. Now let’s Delete all user data and we select Reboot system now.

Resetting a mobile to factory defaults is very simple and very fast, but in addition to the ways that we have explained, lately we have known another. It’s about using the code * 2767 * 3855 #

Format Samsung Grand Prime

Reasons to format

By formatting our mobile we get it to be exactly the same as when we took it out of the box the day we bought it.

There are several reasons to carry out a mobile phone reset, the most common of which is for get the device to work better if we notice that it is slower than normal, but it is also a good option if you have malware infection detected, as Godless or another type of virus.

When are we going to transfer the use of our telephone to another person We are always concerned that some kind of file or archive may have been left on the device. By doing a format we make sure that the mobile is completely clean to its new user.

With the formatting we irreversibly erase all the information on our mobile phone, so before carrying out this action it is advisable to make a backup copy, thus ensuring that we are not going to lose anything important.

We would like to know your experience, have you been able to restart your Samsung Grand Prime with the methods that we have told you about? Did you have any kind of problem during the formatting process?