Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime How to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy Grand? Although it is true that if we stop to think about the …

Although it is true that if we stop to think about the most famous smartphones that are part of the Samsung people’s catalog, we will probably have to look first at the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note, we know that many others were recognized by the public before. It is not necessary to travel too much in time to remember that the Samsung Galaxy Grand also sold by the millions in its different versions, and in this particular case we want to teach you an important tutorial about it.

What you have to know in the first instance is that any Samsung Galaxy Grand, or another device that has already been used for several years, can begin to fail unfailingly, and that’s why we definitely recommend a factory reset from time to time. Even if you see that you cannot start or use it as you would like because it is failing, do not hesitate to carry out the step by step that we are going to show you, and that it will help your mobile to work the same as the day you acquired it.


Formatting a Samsung Galaxy Grand

As we said before, In many cases, performing a factory reset on a Samsung Galaxy Grand can be an essential question, extremely important to get it to perform as well as it did before, so you should not reject this option. In the same way, you have to know that if you cannot use your Samsung Galaxy Grand as usual, it is possible that it is a malfunction related to the software, and a factory reset could solve it.

To summarize, the cases in which we recommend restarting a Samsung Galaxy Grand have to do with when It works too slowly or with LAG, when it indicates different errors in the system, or when applications start to close for no reason constantly apparent.

If at this point you consider it necessary to perform a factory reset of your Samsung Galaxy Grand, you have to know then that the first method to take into account is using the buttons that are part of the terminal, in the same way that it happens with other newer ones. , Clear. You then have to enter Recovery Mode, and to do so you need to press Volume Up + Home Button and Power Button for several seconds, until you enter a screen that you have surely never seen before.

  • Once we are in the Recovery Mode that we mentioned before in our Samsung Galaxy Grand, the first thing we have to do is go to the Wipe Cache partition option, in order to delete the partition and cache memory.
  • After that we have to delete all the content that is part of the mobile, saving before the files that we consider important, in addition to the contacts in the SIM, in order not to lose them, before going to the Wipe data / factory reset option.
  • By last, we have to choose the option “Reboot system now”, which will allow us to restart the mobile device to start again with the equipment as the day we bought it, that is, after the factory reset.

On the other hand, There is a somewhat simpler but not as efficient way to restart a Samsung Galaxy Grand that is the traditional factory reset, through the device’s menus. In this case what you have to do is go to Settings, Security, Factory Reset, and in just seconds it will restart. Of course, the difference with the previous option is that in this case we need the smartphone to be working, because if our Samsung Galaxy Grand does not work, it will be impossible to carry out this step by step.

Finally, there is one last method that we did not want you to stop considering in any case. It’s about power perform the restart using the call keyboard, with a specific code that we have to write, which is the following: “* 2767 * 3855 #”. All these tricks that we have mentioned, work without any problem for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo and Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 devices, so if you have any of them you can well carry them out.

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