Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Simple and Fast It is normal within everything that we want to have our device …

It is normal within everything that we want to have our device as protected as possible. In any case we can create for example a pattern or add some kind of password. They are useful because in this way not only would anyone not have access to our private information, but also if someone steals our device, they will not be able to access any kind of information on it. The problem comes when we forget the pattern or password in question for some kind of reason. Do we lose access to it? Next we will see how to unlock a mobile like Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.

How to unlock a Samsung Grand Prime

Google account: This would be the first option in a nutshell and possibly one of the simplest that we can resort to. We would simply have to access our username plus the password and that’s it, that’s how we will always be able to access the mobile device.

Using apps: In this case it is necessary that you have the device previously rooted and that you use an application called SMS Bypass, with which you will be able to use the computer in a few words to unlock said mobile. What you can do with this app is in a few words assign a kind of code to the mobile that only you should know. Then what you do is send a kind of text with a “Reset” code and the mobile will restart so that you have access to it.

Hard Reset: Well in case the previous methods had not worked we are going to possibly resort to the “worst” of all. Nor is it the worst, you just have to bear in mind that this method in question eliminates absolutely all personal files from our mobile to leave it completely out of the box, as if you had just bought it.

You should simply access the recovery mode after turning off your mobile for once you are there go to the option that says “Wipe data / Factory Reset” then we will “Yes-Delete all user data “

How I told you, the latter is the most invasive if we go to the case of the three mentioned. It would also be rare for any of us to forget the user, that is, the Gmail email And the password too, in that case we recommend that the next time you have them written down somewhere since it is the simplest method and at the same time we can keep all the data of our mobile.