Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime The best tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 and Core PrimeEach of the phones that exist have tricks or …

Each of the mobiles that exist have tricks or at least most, these tricks help you to make it much easier to use and optimize them so that it works better. In this case the Samsung Galaxy Core, Core 2 and Core Prime They are very good quality mobiles and what can be expected if they are from one of the best technology companies in the world.


In addition to them despite being a mid-range, it has exceeded the expectations of many. They have a good camera, as well as a processor that allows you to perform your tasks without problems, it has Android that with the amount of applications that are in the store help you to apply their functions. All these features at a good price, for something people choose it.

If you are one of those who chose this mobile then I will tell you about some tricks with which you can make your mobile work much better. But also so that you can use several of the apps that it has much faster and more comfortable.

Tricks to use on Samsung Galaxy Core, Core 2 and Core Prime

Screenshots: Nowadays the screenshots are necessary, because thanks to it you can take a picture of what is happening at that moment to save it. In order to do this you can download an application although it is much easier to use this method: You will press the start button and the home button at the same time, this is how you will manage to make the screenshot.


Activate lock mode: When you activate the block mode, the notifications of the selected entities are deactivated. This means that you will only receive incoming calls from the people you want. To activate it, what you have to do is: go to Settings, then to device, then to lock mode.

Set a font: With this you can have another font and not the one that comes by default from the factory. It is more than anything an aesthetic customization, to do it you have to go to Settings, then display, font style and choose font, it’s that simple.

Change font size: If the font is too small or too large, you can easily change it. You just have to go to Configuration, then to screen, from there you will go to Font size and select the one you want.

Stay smart: This is a function that only Samsung have, when you enable it, the screen will not turn off as long as you keep looking at them. This is thanks to the fact that the front camera detects your eyes, when you are not looking then the screen will turn off. In order to activate it you have to go to Configuration, then screen, from there you will go to features and then to Smart Stay.