Samsung Galaxy J Everything you need to know about the gyroscope of the Samsung Galaxy J A couple of weeks ago, we made an article in which …

A couple of weeks ago, we made an article in which we taught all our readers how to know if their Samsung Galaxy mobile, any of them, had an integrated gyroscope sensor, especially considering that it is a fundamental element for the operation of some games . Of course, many of them, of the readers, were able to rely on that step by step, while others still have some doubts, and it is precisely for them that the article in question can be extremely interesting.

Indeed, it seems that most of those who have had problems with their gyroscope are those who have a Samsung Galaxy J device or a Samsung Galaxy Prime, so if this is your case, you have to know that you can find out more about it as that you continue in this article. The idea is, on either smartphone, learn how to configure the gyro sensor in the best possible way, which we are sure will allow you to have a much better experience in this regard.


Setting up the gyroscope on my Samsung

Well, if you have a Samsung Galaxy Prime, the first thing you will have to do is go to Settings, and then to My Device, two menus that we can obviously reach from the main menu of the applications. Once you are in them, you can go to the Movements and Gestures option, without losing sight of the fact that there are many possible or available functions, such as the gyroscope, to mention the one that interests us the most. Be careful because the gyroscope appears at the end of the list, so you have to be patient.

When you arrive at the gyroscope option, what you have to do is go to Air Gesture, and then to Movement, and Palm Movement. This will allow you to activate the categories that we have mentioned before, and you will see that at the end the option “Gyroscope Calibration” appears. This category is essential for many reasons, although we have to consider above all that Some steps to follow will appear within the menu of our Samsung Galaxy, and we must follow them faithfully if we want good results.

Well, something very similar happens if you have a Samsung Galaxy J. In this case, activating the gyroscope sensor is just as simple, insofar as you simply have to follow the same steps that we mentioned for the previous step-by-step, so don’t give it much more thought. Once you have configured the gyroscope sensor of your Samsung Galaxy, you will have the possibility then, finally, to be able to enjoy some of the main current games that need this sensor.

Have you been able to configure the gyroscope sensor of your Samsung Galaxy?