Samsung Galaxy J How to remove the sound from the camera of the Samsung Galaxy J? It has happened to me on more than one occasion and …

It has happened to me on more than one occasion and it is likely that to you too, and it is extremely annoying to hear the sound or noise of the camera of our smartphone at the precise moment in which we were trying to take a picture trying to go unnoticed in any situation. The truth is that all of us who use the smartphone as a camera, We know that the sound of the camera when taking a picture or when starting a recording is quite annoying in many situations.

The problem is that many times as users we have a new mobile or that we have not yet explored enough, and in these cases we do not know how to quickly silence the camera of our mobile, which many times we want to use unexpectedly, while it is with active sound. For these reasons that we mentioned before, it is that a long time ago We wanted to make an article to teach how to deactivate the sound of the camera, in this case of the Samsung Galaxy J, but applicable to many other Android terminals.


Turning off the camera sound

Well, if what you want then is power remove camera sound on Samsung J1, J2, J3, J5, J7 or any other device from the Korean firmThey are all quite similar to each other, you have to know that there are different methods of doing it, some simpler and others somewhat more complex. The first step by step will be the simplest, the one that practically any user can do, but also the one that allows us the least room for maneuver, as it is the most limited of all of them.

How to remove sound from Samsung camera

  • Silence the mobile: Well, it is evident that many of the users who have taken the trouble themselves to check the operation of their mobiles a bit, will know that the easiest way to silence the device’s camera is effectively by silencing the mobile. The problem with this trick is that if we silence the mobile, we will not hear any sound if we receive notifications from the other applications, so what is gained on the one hand, is lost on the other and is not the idea. The advantage of this simple trick is that if you are not aware of any particular application, you will not need to install anything at all, and in a thousandth of a second you will have your smartphone’s camera completely muted.
  • Camera Mute: Then we wanted you to know two applications in this regard, this being the first of both, and being able to download them in any of the cases from the links that we leave at the end of the article. We are talking about Camera Mute, which, as its name suggests, has especially the objective of turning off the sound of our camera. In this sense we have to say that we need the Android mobile to be rooted to be able to use it. The advantage is that it works with almost all manufacturers without problems.
  • SilentCam Switch: And finally we have the second application, in the case of SilentCam Switch, being a completely free application like the previous one, and one that is also capable of silencing once and for all that annoying shutter that will have unhinged more than one. If you want to take a photo without anyone knowing, all these options are really attractive.

Have you been able to silence the camera of your Samsung Galaxy J with these tricks?

Download Camera Mute / SilentCam Switch

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