Samsung Galaxy J The Best Tricks and Secrets for the Samsung J2 One of the most successful devices on the market …

One of the most successful devices on the market was and continues to be the Samsung J2. After all, the company did a phenomenal job with the J family, something quite different from what it did with the Note 7 without going too far. Js work differently, have different specs, and are without question considerably more reliable.

Its price is also much lower than any high-end device, but in this case, the hardware of these is simply impeccable, in addition to working wonderfully, with a more than optimal performance.

Cheats for Samsung Galaxy J2

But obviously we all want to know a little more what we can achieve with this device, what it is possible to achieve with it and what dark secrets it hides in its depths … well maybe not that much, but you follow my idea more or less.

Screenshots: The famous catches are essential at some point. So to be able to take a screenshot on the Samsung J2 basically what you have to do is press the power button and the start button at the same time. In this way you can take screenshots which will obviously be saved in the albums.

Saving battery: Luckily the Samsung J2 comes with an ultra battery saving mode even, so you can save a lot to make it to the end of the day in case you can’t make it. How? You should simply go to the Settings part, then go to where it says Battery and then you should look for a new option that says Ultra saving.

Move apps to microSD card: The idea is basically that you can move the applications installed on the memory card. To do so, you should simply go to the settings part, after that we go to applications and you have to select the application that you want to move to the microSD, what you have to do is look for the option to move to the microSD card and that’s it.

Confirm if the Samsung Galaxy J2 is original: This is quite simple, first of all we are going to need our IMEI number, this is achieved by dialing * # 06 # now with that number what we have to do is use the application, with which we will have all the information that would be essential for our mobile device, whatever it may be.

Activate led notifications: The Samsung Galaxy J2 does not have a notification led unfortunately. However, it is possible to activate notifications with the flash led with this application.