Samsung Galaxy J Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy J3 2020 Possibly one of the great devices of this year from Samsung …

Possibly one of Samsung’s great devices this year was the Galtox and J3In fact, the entire J family has been a resounding success around the world and that is why knowing a few tricks related to the device never hurts.

The following tricks for Samsung Galaxy j3 2020 They are also used for any other Samsung J device and even for several that have Android, so take this into account as well.

Cheats for Samsung J3 2020

Share internet– The easiest way to achieve this is by using the famous “Net anchor” who have the device and most who have Android. We simply go to “Settings”, then to the mobile data part and we simply go to where it says mobile access point, you have to configure the name and password, then any other device connects as if Wifi it was.

Capture screen Samsung J3 2020: You just press the power button at the same time as the home button. In this way you can take a screenshot and save it in the mobile device gallery, in this way you can capture whatever you are looking at at that moment on your Smartphone, undoubtedly too useful.

Battery percentage: Something that is extremely important is the battery and knowing exactly how much we have is also essential. Android devices come with a bar at the top next to the time or an icon in the form of a battery that is not exactly specific. We need numbers and they can be enabled. All we have to do is go to the “Settings” part and then in “Battery”We will have to mark where it says to display the battery percentage.

Check for updates: It is essential that we stay with the latest versions available for our mobile, since in this way we not only have the news that are coming out but we are also more secure in terms of the possibility of being infected by malware that take advantage of old version vulnerabilities. In order to check if we have new updates available. We should simply go to the “Settings” part, then where it says “About the phone” and in this place we go to where it says something about the system. Where it says software update, we should check right there.

As you will see, they are not too complicated tricks and they are very useful, it never hurts to know a few things that perhaps at some point, may be useful to us. As the old saying goes “Knowledge does not take up space”.

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