Samsung Galaxy J Tricks for Samsung Galaxy J5There are so many phones on the market that sometimes do the …

Samsung Galaxy J Tricks for Samsung Galaxy J5There are so many phones on the market that sometimes do the …

There are so many mobiles on the market that sometimes making the choice between one or the other is difficult. One of the most successful mobiles lately in the Galaxy J5, which belongs to the Samsung range aimed at the younger audience. If you have this phone, you will be interested in knowing more tricks for Samsung Galaxy J5.

Save battery

The battery of mobile phones always lasts less than we would like. The battery is intrinsically linked to the use we make of our device, so that the more we use the phone the faster it runs out.

Many times we do not close the applications properly after using them and that causes them to continue running in the background and therefore consuming the battery. Applications like Task manager, what is available for free on the Google Play Store, they help us to control the processes that are running in the background and to detect those applications that although we are not using are consuming the battery of our Galaxy J5.


Select SIM

The Dual SIM phones are having a lot of success lately, but sometimes users feel somewhat lost regarding which card they are using at any given moment. At Samsung Galaxy J5 case we can select the card we want to use directly from the notification bar. As we go from one to another we notice a change in the phone, which helps us to realize more easily which card we are using.

Improve screen visibility

When we use the phone outside, we do not see the screen with the same clarity as when we are inside a building. The J5 has an Outdoor Mode or Outdoor Mode that Increases the screen brightness and makes us better see what appears in it.

This mode is activated in the notification bar and turns off automatically after 15 minutes to prevent the device from consuming more battery than necessary.

Tricks for Samsung Galaxy J5, change the color of the folders

We all like to customize our mobile to the maximum and in the J5 we can do it by changing the color of the folders. For it We open the folder that interests us and in the upper right part we see the icon theme, click on the theme icon and there we can see the available colors.

Change the topic

We continue with the customization options. Yes press and hold on any place on the home screen a menu will appear in which we can choose the theme to display. You can also download or buy themes from the store.


Hide apps

If you don’t want everyone to see the applications you have installed, you can hide the ones you want from the Applications Panel. We open the applications box, click on the edit button at the top right of the screen and we see the minus sign with which we can hide the applications. If we want to see them again, go to Settings> Application manager and allow access again.

Easy mode

To simplify the use of this phone to the maximum we can put it in easy mode. For this we will Settings> Easy Mode.

Energy saving

So that our device consumes less energy we can activate the energy saving mode. In this case you have to follow the route Settings> Battery and select the energy saving mode that interests us.

Smart manager

This additional feature shows us device battery, storage, RAM, and security information. It is activated from the home screen of the device.

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