Samsung Galaxy S Fix the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera error If at this moment we freeze the smartphone market, and we have …

If at this moment we freeze the smartphone market, and we have to decide which is the best mobile device that we can take home, at least within the Android options, there is practically no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be the preference of many . Indeed, The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a real beast that stands out for many of its peculiarities, but like any computer, it can experience certain problems, so in this article we go with one of them.

The first thing to say about it is that At least personally, the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera seems to me the best of the year, even surpassing what other terminals can offer us that are part of the high range, such as the LG G5, the iPhone 7 or the Google Pixel in any of its versions. The truth is that the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera is a good reason to buy this terminal, but in any case we may find that it occasionally has operating problems, which is what interests us the most.

Specific, The article that we are going to teach you right now is especially valid for those users who want to take pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S7 have encountered the following problem or message: “Warning: The camera could not start”. Of course, we must clarify that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has not had recurring problems of this type, although prevention is always better than cure, and that is why we are going to teach you everything you need to know about this situation.


Fixing the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera problem

In any case, if the warning message of the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera has appeared for the first time, we especially recommend that you restart the device, and start the camera again, since it is the easiest way to avoid having this inconvenient in the future. After that, We must say that there are other more important solutions for more serious problems, which we are going to show you below, so you can fully enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera.

Assuming that we have already rebooted the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the problem is still there, then the problem may have to do with one of the features that are built into the device software, built-in camera of the Samsung Galaxy S7 called Smart Fix. It is an option that is there to detect the user’s face when we use the selfie sensor. Some users have reported that it brings them problems, so perhaps it is convenient to disable it.

To deactivate this option, what we have to do is click on the applications icon on the Home screen and then go to Settings. After that we go to Screen, and later to Smart Fix, leaving the option deactivated, and restarting our device again. If you still have problems, we are going to give you one last solution regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera, so you should not have any more problems in the future with this trick.

And the next solution has to do directly with the cache and the data of the camera and the gallery that can sometimes store some data with errors, causing the device not to work as it should, so it is interesting to bet on cleaning them once. in time. To do it, we have to go to Applications in Settings, then Application Manager, Gallery, Force close, Storage, Clear data and Clear cache; and the same for the Camera app instead of Gallery.

If none of that has worked and the camera on your Galaxy S7 keeps crashing, there is one last chance for a solution before taking the device to a technician. It has to do directly with cleaning the cache partition. We hold down Volume Up, Home Button and Power. We enter the Recovery Mode screen and select in order, the options wipe cache partition and Reboot system now. When the galaxy S7 reboots, the camera should work fine.

Have you repaired the camera of your Galaxy S7 with this step by step?