Samsung Galaxy S How to change the PIN code on the Samsung Galaxy S? We continue as always trying to bring our readers some of the …

We continue as always trying to bring our readers some of the main tutorials in the world of mobile phones that are going around the net right now, and on this special occasion we have one that we believe may be really interesting for many people. Indeed, we are talking about the possibility of modifying or changing the PIN code of mobile phones, and in this case, as they are the ones that are sold the most around the world, we are going to take the example of the famous Samsung Galaxy S.

In this sense we have to say then that probably many users have never heard about the PIN code, and therefore, do not know in detail how it works, or what security elements are associated with this element. The first thing we have to say is that the PIN code of the SIM card is one of the foundational security elements of a smartphone, and that is why it is important not only to know it, but also to change it from time to time to avoid problems.

What happens is that, for example, if someone stole our mobile, we would find ourselves facing a more than obvious problem, directly related to the impossibility of controlling whether or not to unlock it, and that is why we recommend that we only know the unlock number. Don’t look for birth dates, anniversaries, age, phone number, or other numbers that may be easy to guess, but instead better try to have one that only you remember for other reasons so that if your mobile is lost or stolen, no one else accesses its contents.


This is how you change the PIN code on the Samsung Galaxy S

Well, at this point we understand that possibly many users are interested in the possibility of modifying the PIN code of their smartphones, and the truth is that although the following steps are for a Samsung, in other Android the thing is not very different. Beyond that we have to emphasize in the same way, that You can find on the Internet the step by step steps to change the PIN code on mobiles from other manufacturers, and we ourselves will upload them as time goes by.

To change the PIN code of your Samsung mobile, the first thing you have to do is go to the main Applications menu and within this select the Settings option. Next, it’s time to look for the Lock Screen or Security Screen option, according to how it appears to you. Then you go to Other Security Settings and within SIM card lock select the option Configure SIM card lock. Then you give Change SIM card PIN and then enter the PIN code old to change it to the new one.

Have you been able to change the PIN code of your Samsung mobile with this trick?