Samsung Galaxy S How to deactivate the Sale Mode in a Samsung Galaxy S6? It is possible that if we talk about the Sale Mode of the …

It is possible that if we talk to you about the Sale Mode of smartphones you do not know well what we mean, but we also have no doubts that you know him, although not by that name. Indeed, when we talk about the Sale Mode or Demo Mode of a device, in this case the Samsung Galaxy S6, we refer to the way we find it when it is being displayed in a store, so that we can see all its options, of course , but without our having access to other content, which is part of the device software.

Indeed, as we said, this Sale Mode or Demo Mode is part of practically all mobile phones today, since store managers place their Samsung Galaxy S6 or any other device in this mode in order to show all its advantages to the public. Indeed, we later concluded that in some cases, the equipment is still marketed within the Sales Mode, and that is when we can teach you how to deactivate it on the Samsung Galaxy S6 so that it does not limit your possibilities.


Well, if you have purchased a device such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and note that you do not have all the options available, it is possible that it is in Sale Mode or Demo Mode, and of course nobody wants to use a device like that, but we will want Make the most of it. The idea of ​​this trick is to show you how to deactivate the Sale Mode of the Samsung Galaxy S6 in the easiest and simplest way, although of course that for this we will first have to have this device, and that it actually has the Sale Mode activated.

Once we find this problem, the first thing we have to do is go to the Configuration Settings of the Samsung Galaxy S6 that we have in hand. It will ask us to add a code, and the one we have to enter is 5444, in order to completely unlock its configuration. From there an administration menu will appear, and we will see that a box called “Deactivate factory data reset” appears, which is what we have to activate on this special occasion.

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 asks us for another password, then we have to add another which is the following: M729Q16K8546, and at that moment, a message will appear that says something about resetting the phone, to which we are going to say Yes on our Samsung Galaxy S6. In most cases, your Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with this Sale Mode issue, It should leave it without further ado, so if you have any questions about it, do not hesitate to contact us.

Have you been able to deactivate the Sale Mode of your Samsung Galaxy S6?