Samsung Galaxy S How to fix Samsung Galaxy S3 problems If we think that Samsung is the mobile device company …

If we think that Samsung is the Android mobile device company that sells the most terminals in the world, then we have to consider in the same way that some of its equipment has been the main cause of these statistics. Although of course it is not the current one, At the time, the Samsung Galaxy S3 meant to a large extent the takeoff of the Korean company to the success it has today.

For that very reason, Many users still keep their Samsung Galaxy S3 today, either as their first smartphone or as an alternative device Someone newer, and they will want to know some of its deepest secrets. It happens that when a mobile has been running as long as any Samsung Galaxy S3, certain problems of use may appear that we want to review.

The idea of ​​this article just has to do with teaching all current users of the Samsung Galaxy S3 what are some of the most frequent problems that we can experience with these devices, but in addition to that, in what way is it possible to leave behind the inconveniences so as not to have to get rid of our Samsung Galaxy S3 or call a specialist who overcharges us.

Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S3

Main problems -and their solutions- of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Fix WiFi problems

Apparently, always taking into account the comments that the users of the Samsung Galaxy S3 make us, one of the main problems of these devices is related to the WiFi connections. It must be said in this regard that the solution is not complicated at all, because apparently the problem is left behind by switching the device to Airplane Mode, returning to Normal Mode, and reconnecting to WiFi.

Fix Bluetooth problems

If the WiFi of your Samsung Galaxy S3 does not cause you headaches but Bluetooth does, you have to know that we can also find solutions in this case, although the recommendation is to turn off the service and turn it on again. If you have a recently installed app that uses Bluetooth, uninstall it and try the service again later, once you’ve removed it.

Troubleshoot battery problems

With several years already working, it is more than likely that the Samsung Galaxy S3 battery is not working as in the first months, and if you do not usually use it to call, we advise you to put it in Airplane Mode. Of course, if you have never changed the battery, the best option you have is to find a new one, because that way you will get a much improved user experience for your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Troubleshoot restart issues

And ultimately, some Samsung Galaxy S3 users often complain that the device suffers from constant reboot problems, sometimes due to the microSD card, which may have worn out or something. If you want to avoid the classic Samsung Galaxy S3 restart problems, the first thing you should do then is try your luck removing the microSD, to see if that helps the device.