solucionar el error del Samsung Galaxy S7(4)

Samsung Galaxy S How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Error It seems that many users of Samsung’s new prodigy are facing …

It seems that many users of the new prodigy son of Samsung face an annoying problem. The message of the brand’s new model Samsung quotes the following “Unfortunately has stopped ”, here you will see how simple it is fix Samsung Galaxy S7 error.

This, despite being a problem that has become frequent with this Smartphone, does not represent any threat to the integrity of the device. It can be easily solved and here you will learn some simple methods to do it.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S7 error:

Well, if you have this problem, don’t worry. There are 3 methods that you can carry out yourself to get rid of this annoying message, let’s see what they are:

Clear the data and cache of

One of the most common ways to solve these types of problems is by flushing the cache and deleting the data stored about this process. Why? Simply because a corrupt file may be causing the problem, let’s see how to do it:

  1. You must enter the menu Settings on your device
  2. Then look for the option Application Manager.
  3. Now you must select the tab All (up to the right).
  4. Now, you can see all the applications installed on your Smartphone, you must search
  5. When you have selected the application, you must click on Clear cache Y Delete data.
  6. Finally you must restart the phone and with this you must have been able fix Samsung Galaxy S7 error.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Error (4)

Clear system cache through Recovery Mode:

If the above method did not give you results, don’t give up hope yet, there is another way to get rid of the error. The following method is just as simple, let’s see:

  1. You must first turn off the device.
  2. Now, you must press the buttons at the same time home+Volume up+Power.
  3. When the logo of Samsung the button has been released Power without letting go of the other two.
  4. When you see the logo of Android you can release all the buttons, as you will have entered the mode Recovery.
  5. With the buttons Volume up Y Volume down you can navigate through the menu of the Recovery, you must look for the Wipe Cache Partition and select it with the button Power.
  6. A confirmation menu will appear, you must select the option Yes to continue with the method.
  7. Now you should wait for the process to complete itself, in some cases it may take a little longer than expected, depending on how big the memory is Cache.
  8. Finally, you must restart the device with the option Reboot System Now in the main menu.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Error (2)

Hard Reset:

This method is infallible, yes, it should be your last option. Why? Simply because performing a Hard reset It implies leaving your device from the factory, that is, as if it were the first time you use it.

Therefore, before performing this method, it is convenient that you make a backup of all the information stored on your device. Let’s see how to carry out a Hard reset:

  1. You must enter the mode Recovery from the phone, as explained in the previous method.
  2. When you are in the menu of the Recovery, you must look for the option Wipe Data / Factory Reset and select it with the button Power.
  3. When the process is finished, you must select the option Reboot System Now.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Error (1)

Already with this method, you have the complete assurance that you will not receive the message “Unfortunately has stopped ”has disappeared. In this way, you have achieved fix Samsung Galaxy S7 error at the same time this guide serves to resolve similar errors with other applications. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment and we will gladly help you.