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For some generations, the main mobile devices around the world, at least the high-end ones, have added an interesting security feature, which many of us know as the screen lock by using a fingerprint. Indeed, we finally find that for example the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 have this feature, although the last two are somewhat easier to use in this sense than the first one.

For this reason, if you are one of the users of the Galaxy S5 who encounters operating problems in terms of the lock screen through the use of fingerprint, you have to know that we can solve them by considering some details about it that we are going to analyze continuation. For instance, let’s talk a little more in details about the fingerprint lock system of the Galaxy S5, to later point out that it is possible to remove the fingerprint screen lock from this terminal that has been sold by millions around the world.


How to remove fingerprint lock from Samsung S5?

Well, the first thing to know about the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint lock system has to do directly with the fact that it is extremely secure for Samsung, and the truth is that in reality, there are not too many complaints from users regarding these circumstances. For the rest, we have to indicate in this regard that it is a much better option than PIN or password. However, sometimes we set a fingerprint to lock the screen, which for different reasons we may want to delete.

Well, at this point, many have told us that they are interested in the possibility of deactivating the fingerprint of the Samsung Galaxy S5, but it is possible, even without having access to the Android operating system, to cancel this access completely without problems. For it, what we have to do is erase or remove the fingerprint of the Samsung S5, since there may be some problem for which it does not recognize us, or that it has the fingerprint of the previous owner if we have bought the terminal from him.

Well, then the first thing we have to do to completely eliminate the fingerprint is to turn off the Samsung Galaxy S5 completely, then entering the Recovery Mode that we know will allow us to eliminate many of the elements that we have customized for our terminal. To enter it, press Volume Up + Home + Power. In a few seconds, we must be within the so-called Recovery Mode, which will have some small differences according to the model. As we said, in this case we are going to talk about the Galaxy S5.

Once we find ourselves on the screen mentioned above, as we said, we will have to eliminate all the substantial elements such as the blockade, in an easy and simple way. You have to look for a particular option, which is the Wipe cache partition. The idea is to go browsing while using the volume and power buttons. Thus, we must reach the option of Wipe data / factory reset and within it, Reboot system now, to restart the smartphone in just a few seconds.

Well, with this method that we have just mentioned, you will have managed to permanently eliminate the fingerprint lock that we establish with our Galaxy S5, and that for different reasons may, when the time comes, we are no longer interested in keeping it there. As we have mentioned on more than one occasion, we have to say that when we remove this element, We are also going to be eliminating a huge amount of personalized elements from the mobile interface, without losing sight of the contents, files, etc..

Have you been able to remove or disable the screen lock on your Samsung Galaxy S5 with this trick?

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