Samsung Galaxy S How to transfer music to the Samsung Galaxy S6? Although it is true that right now everyone wants to have …

Although it is true that right now everyone wants to have the Galaxy S7, In no case can we lose sight of the fact that many are also taking advantage to take home a Galaxy S6 from the Korean Samsung, considering that its price has been significantly lowered. In any case, we have to say that the Galaxy S6 is one of the most famous and popular mobile devices of the Asian firm, and that is why all the tutorials in this regard are really highly sought after by the public.

At this point, we have to emphasize that among all the tutorials and step by step that readers have been asking us about the Galaxy S6, possibly one of the main ones is related to the possibility of transferring music to these devices, so let’s go directly with it. Yes, you have to know that there is no problem with using a Mac or a Windows computer, since on occasions like this we will teach how to carry out the step by step indistinctly between both possibilities and options.


Transfer music to Samsung Galaxy S6 from Mac

We start with Mac users, and even when we consider that many of them will probably have an iPhone before a Galaxy S6, the first thing you have to know is that with a simple application you can transfer all your favorite music quickly. Indeed, you have to download an application called Android File Transfer, which works easily and for free, and which will allow you to sync all the music you want, directly between your smartphone and your Mac.

The first thing you have to do then is download the Android File Transfer application directly from this link, and once you have done it, you will have to run it, connecting our mobile device to the Mac using a USB cable, if possible with the official Galaxy S6 cable. Once the computer has recognized the terminal, you will see all the folders and contents of each of them from there, and all you have to do is transfer the music files, MP3 or any other type, directly to that folder, to that then appear on the mobile.

Transfer music to Samsung Galaxy S6 from Windows

However, it is possible that your computer actually runs Windows operating system, and in this case, you have to know that the system is much simpler, since it is not necessary to download any additional software to copy music from this computer to our Galaxy S6 . Indeed, you have to know in this sense that you only need to connect both devices using the cable that we mentioned before, although it will be necessary to have all the drivers that are needed for Samsung Galaxy S6 phones installed.

In case it is, the recognition of the smartphone by the computer should be immediate, and in this case we have to look again for a particular folder, which is called Equipment, because within it the Galaxy S6 would have to appear as one of the contents. If so, we will find that the Music folder that we talked about before appears within it, and in that case, we will be able to copy all the music we want, and paste it into that particular folder.

Have you been able to transfer all your music to a Galaxy S6 thanks to this step by step?