Samsung Galaxy S How to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S6? Although it is true that right now we can get the Samsung Galaxy …

Although it is true that right now we can get the Samsung Galaxy S7, We cannot help but consider that for many the Samsung Galaxy S6 is still an attractive device, both from the aesthetic point of view, and from a performance that remains completely exceptional. So considering that a huge number of our readers may have a Samsung Galaxy S6 right now, we want to teach you a tutorial that we hope you don’t have to use, but that is really important.

Well, what happens is that there may come a point or a moment when we are completely unable to unlock our Samsung Galaxy S6, and the truth is that although the reasons may be varied, it is not really what interests us the most, but rather how to solve this problem. We have to say in this regard that there are many errors that can block our Samsung Galaxy S6, such as having forgotten the password, having forgotten the pattern, or until the mobile does not recognize your fingerprint.


Unlocking my Samsung Galaxy S6

The truth is that unfortunately, we can find situations in which our Samsung Galaxy S6 has been blocked and we are not able to unlock it, so we will have to analyze some of the possible solutions to these types of problems more common than we would like. . You have to keep in mind that many times we can solve the Samsung Galaxy S6 crash only once the problem has occurred, but you will see that if we are proactive, we can save ourselves quite a few consequences.

  • Reset the phone: It may be the method that everyone wants to avoid, but the truth is that if you intend to unlock a Samsung Galaxy S6, there are few simpler ways to do it. The downside is that we are going to lose all the content and customizations of the device, since it is a rather invasive issue, and for that reason, although it is one of the most efficient, we recommend leaving it for the last place.
  • Use backup password if fingerprint is not recognized: We said before that the impossibility of recognizing our fingerprint was one of the possible inconveniences why our Samsung Galaxy S6 could get locked indefinitely. In these situations, what we always recommend is to have a backup password in case the password doesn’t work. That is why when the system asks you for this password you have to put one that you actually remember. It is not normal that the Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot read the user’s fingerprint, but in any case it is advisable to be cautious.
  • Remove the unlock pattern with Google account: All users are fully aware of how important it is that our mobile, in this case the Samsung Galaxy S6, is completely safe, as well as its contents. In any circumstance, we recommend that if you have fingerprint unlocking, in no case do you make a pattern that is too complicated. By not having practice with it, you may forget it after a while.
  • Find My Mobile: Unlike other mobile device companies, Samsung has a specific function that we can use both in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and in other terminals that it has developed. It is the device recovery platform called Find my Mobile, which we should have activated, and as long as we can access a reliable Internet connection, it is possible to carry out a recovery process from the computer, and thus unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Have you been able to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 with these potential solutions?