Samsung Galaxy S My PC Doesn’t Recognize the Galaxy S7 – How to Fix It If right now we stop several people on the street who …

If right now we stop several people on the street who know a little about the world of mobile phones and ask them which one seems to be the best device that can be bought, we are sure that the majority will opt for the Samsung Galaxy S7, at least within the Android. The truth is that it is one of the best smartphones these days, and therefore, anyone who has paid how much it costs, will want to have the best possible user experience with their Samsung Galaxy S7.

Now what the Samsung Galaxy S7 is an extraordinary device does not mean that from time to time some of the most common problems do not affect it that smartphones tend to suffer, such as the always annoying situation in which our computer does not recognize the equipment. Well, we have to say in this sense that there are fortunately solutions to the Samsung Galaxy S7 not being recognized by our terminal, so then we are going to teach you some interesting secrets in this regard.


PC does not recognize Samsung Galaxy S7

As we said before, that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is not recognized by the computer is not the most common thing in the world, but we cannot outright rule out that it happens in some case. That is why we are going to teach a series of steps that all Samsung Galaxy S7 users have to follow in case they encounter this problem, trying to solve it through the most efficient and conventional responses to these problems that we have seen from many other devices.

Well, the first thing we have to do in these cases is Check that the USB cable with which we are connecting the Samsung Galaxy S7 to the computer really works, and that it is not damaged, so if you have another smartphone to test, much better of course. If you are using alternative or generic cables, you have to know that sometimes they can fail. In turn, if you are testing the USB cable on a computer with several ports of this type, it is better to look at all of them, as some may not work.

At the same time, we must say that when we connect the Samsung Galaxy S7 or any other smartphone to a computer with the Windows operating system, It is important to have the drivers or drivers installed, otherwise it will be completely impossible for you to recognize it. If you have verified all of the above and you are sure that the problem does not come from there, there are anyway some other alternative solutions that we do not want to stop teaching you because they can be of enormous value.

Well, then we take the Windows computer to which we intend to connect our Samsung Galaxy S7, and we go directly to Start, Run. There we write the command “devmgmt.msc” and we hit Enter. Without disconnecting the mobile, we go to the option called Portable devices or Other devices. If it asks you to update the drivers, click on Update driver and look for the ones you need. Once they are updated and installed, the Samsung Galaxy S7 should be recognized without any further problems.

Does your PC already recognize the Samsung Galaxy S7 that you have connected to it?