Samsung Galaxy S The best and worst of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Whenever we talk about the main mobile devices by way of …

Whenever we talk about the main mobile devices such as smartphones that we can find in the market, we emphasize that the Korean Samsung is the firm that sells the most terminals in the world, surpassing others such as Huawei or Apple. In any case, we cannot help but consider that One of the most famous Samsung mobile families is the Galaxy S, and although today the star of the segment is the Samsung Galaxy S7, we are going to stop at one of its predecessors.

Indeed, we did not want to stop mentioning for any reason what happens with the Samsung Galaxy S5, which was known to be one of the devices with the best sales levels for the people of Samsung, to the point that it managed to surpass all its competitors in 2014, the year of its commercial launch. Like many other terminals, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a large number of advantages and disadvantages that we must consider if we are thinking of acquiring it, and right now we are going to show you all of them in detail.


Advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy S5

We start then with the strengths of the Samsung Galaxy S5, to call them in some way, about which we have to say that the camera is one of the main ones, being capable of recording video in 1080p quality at 60 fps thanks to its 16MP main sensor, the best of 2014. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a state-of-the-art light input sensor, which significantly improved its results compared to the competition.

Of course, impossible to mention the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S5 without taking into account the resistance to water and dust of this deviceThanks to the fact that it has the IP67 certification, which confirms that we can expose it to situations of submersion or resistance to dust without damaging it. Of course, we recommend not keeping it under water for too long.

The users of the Samsung Galaxy S5 stand out as another of the strengths of this device its battery, and in this regard we have to say that it has a 2800 mAh with very good autonomy. Of course, we will reach many hours of use, both at rest and on call or in traditional use.

By last, The Samsung Galaxy S5 was one of the first smartphones to have a fingerprint scanner or sensor, which means that it is a much safer device than those that do not have these interesting technological advances.

And yes, we had to pass unfailingly also to the elements that we can somehow consider negative when we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S5. In this case, it must be said that we refer to neither more nor less than the price in the first instance, since as we know, the Korean equipment is usually one of the most expensive in the market.

If you are a lover of advanced mobile designs, you will probably understand that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is somewhat behind compared to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7, which are much more similar to each other, and which already have a fully metal body that is much more attractive.

Many have also criticized the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S5 at the timeAlthough in this regard we have to say that most average users should have no problem with a device that works flawlessly for most daily tasks. Its 2.5 GHz processor accompanied by a 2 GB RAM memory has basically what we can need from a high-end from two generations ago, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5.

What do you like the most about the Samsung Galaxy S5 and what do you like the least?