Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy got wet and does not turn on How to fix it There is no doubt that when we see how our Smartphone falls …

There is no doubt that when we see as ours Smartphone falls into the water the world falls to us. We go that although it is a mobile device and nothing more than that, they cost a lot of money on some occasions and we lose time of our life to be able to have the money in question, besides that it is not very nice that we say the fact that we are suffering from loss of our Smartphone.

SoWhat do we do when a Smartphone gets wet and does not turn on? It can be fixed? You will be able to appreciate the answer below.

The phone got wet and won’t turn on

First of all, we will try to be as realistic as possible and take into account that it can and cannot be repaired. In a nutshell the chances of fixing it are 50 and 50, you never know how certain devices would react, besides that you have to take into account when they got wet, such as depth, amount of water, how long it was under it, etc.

How to fix a phone that got wet

First of all and extremely important is that you do not turn on the mobile for anything in the world, because obviously with the simple fact of being wet it is enough to finish destroying the mobile if you turn it on. Continuing then with what was said above, do not connect it to electricity either.

You also shouldn’t press any kind of physical key, lest you end up helping the water reach different areas of the mobile, in turn it is important that you do not use hair dryers because the heat damages the electronic products and also again you can run all the liquid that there is for certain deep places of the smartphome.

How to fix it

What we have to do is extract all the parts that can be done in a simple way. This means that we have to remove the battery cover, the battery in question, SIM card, basically anything you can easily remove.

Now use a cotton that does not leave residues to gradually dry all the elements of the mobile, remember to be as subtle as possible, since sudden movements can end up worsening the problem.

Time extremely important

Use rice, as it is too good to absorb moisture, In this way, what you are going to achieve is that in a few days (about 3) you can have the mobile working again. The idea is that you put the phone in a container that is full of it, so that the mobile ends up at the bottom covered by rice, two or three days.