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We talk again about mobile devices made by the Korean firm SamsungIn this case, to dedicate ourselves fully to a tutorial that they have been asking us for a long time, considering that as we have mentioned many times, the software of each manufacturer is different from that of the others. Indeed, we have to emphasize in this sense that many have been consulting us about an option that appears when we lower the menu screen of Samsung devices, the so-called Private Mode.

Indeed, We have to say in this sense that as its name well anticipates, in some way, the Private Mode of the Samsung people It has been specially made so that the owner of the mobile can access levels of privacy that would otherwise be completely impossible. We have to say, in this sense, that it is specifically designed so that we can hide the files that we do not want others to see, without downloading any application, nor without having to be computer experts or anything.

The operation of the Private Mode is extremely simple, and when we have it active, we can ensure that all the contents of the smartphone, including photos, videos and other files, will remain visible only to the owner of the device. Otherwise, anyone who takes our mobile will be able to access them, and we know that in many situations it is preferable to have some privacy, so we are going to teach you how to use it.


Learning to use Private Mode on Samsungs

Good, The first thing we have to mention then is how the Private Mode is activated, and you have to know that it is quite simple, to the extent that we must first of all slide the notification panel down and then click on the Private Mode that appears with its respective icon. When we do it for the first time, we are going to see that a kind of small tutorial appears, which will allow you to know much more about it. Of course, you will have to enter a PIN code, which is the one that will allow you to access the files that are hidden. As always, it has to be a code that you remember but that no one can associate with you.

If you have already activated Private Mode but For whatever reason you want to deactivate it, it is just as simple, only in this case we have to perform the procedure in the opposite way, to the extent of displaying the menu again, but now click to deactivate this option. We recommend, in this case, that you later display the menu again to really make sure that it has been turned off, and that when you need it you will be able to see all your important files, in any circumstance.

Many Samsung users will already know, almost in advance, that at no time they are going to use this Private Mode, and they may then prefer to keep it deactivated, so as not to have to be seeing the icon up there every time they slide or unfold the menu from your screen. Well, we have to emphasize in this sense that From the settings menu of the menu that is displayed from the top of the screen of our smartphone, we can select which options should appear there and which not.

Beyond everything we have mentioned, it is clear that Private Mode is one of the most useful that we will find in these times, since many of us do not want to have to give explanations about the files or content that we have on our devices . For the rest, if you want to make sure that nobody sees these contents, you have to know that there are some applications that increase their security, or, download the items on our computer so as not to carry them on the mobile.

Have you been able to activate the Private Mode of your Samsung with this trick?

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