Samsung How to Fix the Touch of a Samsung Mobile Quick and EasySamsung mobiles are among the most valued out there now …

Samsung mobiles are among the most valued on the market right now and are recognized worldwide for their quality, but no device is infallible and our phone may also give us a problem. So today we are going to see how fix the touch of a Samsung mobile.

If your mobile does not respond when you touch the screen, it is time to find a solution for this problem.

Fix the touch of a Samsung mobile

Possible solutions to fix the touch of a Samsung mobile

The simplest solution is reboot phone. To do this, press the power key for a few seconds until the phone vibrates and turns off. In many cases, this simple action solves the problem with the phone.

If you have put the phone under water it is possible that the screen is wet or has some moisture. Clean the screen with a dry cloth, once the humidity has disappeared the problem should have been solved.

If you are using a screen saver the failure may be due to said protector. Try removing it and see if it works fine without it.

Something as common as dust it may cause the touch to not work properly. Try cleaning all the dirt that may be on the screen with a microfiber cloth.

Another possible solution is remove the SIM card and put it back after a few seconds. Then we turn on the phone and check if it has worked.

In mobiles that have a removable battery, you can choose remove the battery for a few seconds and then reinstall it to get a software reset You can delete the temporary files that may be causing the touch screen problems.

Fix the touch of a Samsung mobile

The last option

If none of the possible solutions that we have just given you has worked, the only option that remains before resorting to the technical service is format the mobile and leave it exactly the same as it was when we took it out of the box.

To format the phone, simultaneously press the power and start buttons along with the volume up button. Once we see the Samsung logo we stop pressing the power button but we continue to hold down the other two.

We have accessed the Recovery screen. Using the volume up and down buttons we scroll through the options until we reach Wipe Data / Factory Reset. Click on this option with the start button and the mobile will be formatted by returning to the factory parameters.

Once the formatting process has finished, we turn on the mobile again and check if the problem has disappeared. If the problem with the touch continues to persist, we have nothing else left to do on our own, it is time to contact a technical service from Samsung so that they find out what the problem is and solve it.

We would like to know your experience, have you been able to solve the problem with the touch screen with the solution ideas that we have given you in this article?

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