Samsung How to solve the problem of a Samsung that does not vibrate? Samsung mobiles are the most famous worldwide, having …

Samsung mobiles are the most famous worldwide, taking into account that the Korean firm is the one that sells the largest number of smartphones every year, and therefore, There are all kinds of tutorials related to these teams that aim to make the best possible use of them. In this particular case, we wanted to stop at a problem for which users of some Samsung terminals have consulted on social networks and forums, and the truth is that the device does not vibrate.

In fact, in these times we know that practically all mobile devices in the world have an internal system that makes them capable of vibrating in certain situations, when necessary, and when we think of Samsung’s, we talk about all of them. However, it seems that some users of Samsung terminals are having problems with the use of the equipment when setting the vibration mode, and if this is your case, then we will try to offer you solutions at the height.

My Samsung mobile does not vibrate, what do I do then?

The first thing that we think you should take into account when your Samsung smartphone does not vibrate, are the problems or causes for which this type of situation could arise. For example, if the device has suffered drops or bumps, if it had contact with water, or if it has been infected by malware or viruses. In other situations, there may be a problem with the software due to a missing update, or that some piece of hardware is not working, so those cases will also have to be analyzed.

Regardless of the reason why our Samsung Galaxy terminal does not vibrate, the next thing to keep in mind is that as users we can do some important checks that will provide us with a little more information about it. For example, if we are going to Settings, Sounds and vibration, Sound mode, we have to make sure that within this menu the Vibrate option is activated, which is basic.

Well, if you have made sure of that, but when a notification arrives, the Samsung mobile does not vibrate, then it will be time to continue with the different solutions that we can propose. One of them has to do with turning off the mobile, then removing the battery, and then restarting it with it back in place.. There you will have to test again if the vibration system works or if it continues with its problems.

Unfortunately, your terminal may still not work for the moment, at least in terms of vibration, and in this case you have to consider that the removal of the battery will have to be repeated, but wait 10-15 minutes before putting it back in place. If none of this has worked so far, you have to test the vibration module itself before going to a specialist, just in case.

To check the operation of this module, the first thing is, on the call keyboard write: * # 0 * #, and if nothing happens, try * # 9998 * 842 #, * # 8999 * 842 #, * # 7353 #, which should give us access to a new menu with a series of options, including Vibration. The terminal screen should then go dark, and the equipment begins to vibrate for a few seconds. If it does, the problem is software, so we recommend a factory reset. If not, you will have to turn to an expert who can repair it from the hardware.

Have you been able to overcome the problems that your Samsung does not vibrate with this step by step?